Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Water Aerobics... you want me to wear what?

So I did water aerobics a few years ago but I was at my thinnest, and actually didn't wear shorts with my swimming suit.

A friend of mine has a Plus One pass to a gym so she's taking me to water aerobics! I was so excited because I remembered how much I like it, and I don't have the money for a gym pass right now.

The only problem- I have to wear a swimming suit.

I didn't have one so I tried some on yesterday at the store. I almost started sobbing in the dressing room. Literally. I think I gasped too. BUT I perserved and found a very comfortable one that won't fall down when I'm jumping in the water. I also got- wait for it- men's swimming trunks. Women's ones are NOT long enough, and I'm just really embarrased about my legs.

So as humiliating as that was, I am still excited to do water aerobics. It will be a great exercise to re-start with. Not too hard on my joints, especially since I haven't exercised in a long while.

Oh, and remember last time I tried on clothes and was tired and stressed? (See HERE) Instead of eating, like I wanted to I had a big glass of water and went to bed. I had already had my 1200 for the day and that's how it was gonna stay. My plan definitely helped! And I REALLY want to reach 10 pounds lost this week. It's been evading me for weeks now (okay, some of those weeks were bad planning and undertaking on my part). But I'm sick of it! So, this is the week.

My goals this week are to work out 3 times and get more vegetables. More on that later.

Have a fabulous Tuesday!

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