Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Curse you, Faculty Room

Ah... where has the time gone? I decided to spend the last hour looking at old photos of myself instead of going to bed like I should. I looked SO GOOD! I was actually what I would call skinny. I want to be that way so bad.

I thought I was getting back on track and then BAM! "Let's have a holiday sign up for people to bring treats every day til Christmas!" Oh curse you, faculty room.

Brandon and I decided. We will not be eating anything that we didn't bring with us. I HAVE to avoid the junk food. I lost 6 pounds, then gained 3 from Thanksgiving, then lost 2, and then maintained it one week, so I'm not back down to pre-Thanksgiving weight yet.

I HAVE to DO THIS! I want to feel better about myself.

So goal tomorrow: Do not eat anything I did not bring myself.

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