Monday, May 7, 2012

Checking In

Lost 1.2 pounds this week! Pretty cool. I'm feeling really good and seem to be on a roll. I met my goals last week of exercising 3 times and adding more veggies. I did water aerobics, rode my bike, and walked 1.5 miles in the March of Dimes walk. It felt really good to be more active.

So this week I'm shooting for 3 times exercising and still sticking with the more veggies goal. It's one I struggle with.

How do you get all your veggies in?


  1. I make it so they are the only thing I have to eat. Carrots are my favorite, if I have them in front of me I eat them. I'm at work most of the day, so I just pack fruits and veggies - that way I have nothing else and I am forced to eat them ;)

  2. I can't help you there...I am way too picky of an eater for that! I pretty much never get veggies in, and very few fruits. Good job this week! :)